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There are many different things I can do for you. Please contact me to set an appointment. I can give you some basic price ranges but wont know exact prices for most repairs until actually looking at your unique piano situation.



I'm a 4th generation piano tuner and an RPT (Registered Piano Technician). I have many tricks up my sleeve to help you keep your piano sounding its best.


Be green and rebuild your piano. I can make almost any piano work. I will let you know honestly if it is worth fixing or if you are better off to replace it.


I have a great ear and can help you change the voice of your piano to that which you please. Voicing is best done with your input as each person has their preferences.


When looking at used pianos or trying to sell your own it is good to have a professional look at it and let you know its value.


Regulation is making the action on the piano function properly.  From the time the key is depressed to its release your piano will respond to your every touch.


Many repairs can take place in your home on the day of our first appointment but some will require ordering of parts and a second or third appointment.

Ed Howes II Piano Company

4th Generation and RPT

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