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I've been in the piano business on my own for over 22 years but basically grew up in it. My passion is to make your piano sound and operate the best it can for you. Over the years I've learned that each piano has its own personality. I look forward to helping you with your piano's personality.

I tune by my ear with some help from a pitch source.  I've passed the exam to be a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Piano Guild. Going through this certification period I learned a different tuning technique than my dad taught me and to this day I can use both techniques depending on your piano's need. I am well versed on many different types of pianos. I've worked on all brands and styles. (I do not work with electronic pianos or organs.)

I've put in my time repairing old pianos and fixing family heirlooms. Rebuilding is often needed on the older pianos to get a quality sound out of them again. This is a time consuming process of gutting the piano and replacing most of the parts with new ones. Putting on new strings and fixing cracks in the soundboards is just the beginning.

New pianos often need extra tuning as their strings are still doing a lot of stretching. Piano manufactures recommend having your piano tuned at least twice a year. I recommend having it done with the seasons as your piano changes. Each piano is different and the environment the piano is in plays a huge role in the stability of the tuning.


Ed Howes II Piano Company

4th Generation and RPT

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